Before 1980’s, Tun Mun was very far away from urban Kowloon requiring a journey of 2 hours. In the early days, residents in Butterfly Bay were perhaps the pioneers of the area. Yan Tak Catholic Primary School was then the only catholic school in Butterfly Bay.

Before the setting up of proper church or parish, the first mass was performed by the late Rev. tephan Chan in a school hall on 25.12.1983, attended by about 40 Catholics. On 14.11.1993, the Diocese announced that the provisional St. Mathew the Apostle Parish was erected as the full-fledged St. Mathew the Apostle Parish.

During the summer holiday of 2003, a prayer room was built to the Yan Tak Catholic Primary School which provided extra opportunity for the teachers/students and congregation to organize various religious activities, such as retreat, worships, etc. In the summer of 2007, the prayer room was further extended and renovated to become a small chapel.

By 2008, when the school hall was redesigned, new facilities were added, including the marble alter, reading platform, baptismal pool and window panes covered by silhouette layer with rosary pattern. The general atmosphere transcends a strong feeling of holiness and tranquility of a sacred church. We can always catch glimpses of Catholics meditating and praying before the statues of Jesus and Mary placed at the last row at the back of the hall.

Adapted from Catholic Heritage, Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong

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